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Owner, Madison Pilates, LLC
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Owner/Founder, Pilates3T™

Pilates3T™ is a Pilates Teacher Training program Template that can be used by the independent Pilates studio to implement a quality teacher training program.

Pilates3T™ is not a franchise. It is a framework around which the independent Pilates studio can build its own teacher training program. The independent Pilates studio operator purchases the rights to the Template. Pilates3T™ was designed by Marissa Lins, owner of Madison Pilates and the Midwest Pilates Institute in Madison, Wisconsin, after a lengthy and tedious approval process with her state approval board. Midwest Pilates Institute became the first and only state-approved private Pilates school in Wisconsin in August 2011.

Why is Pilates3T™ desirable? For the independent Pilates studio owner who is interested in training students to become Pilates teachers, Pilates3T™ quickly shows what is expected of the studio owner in order to provide high-level training to others; and it promotes minimal standardization, thus enhancing the independent studio’s credibility in the health community while maintaining its individuality.

For schools that have already been operating, Pilates3T™ will assist in expediting the requirements necessary to become state-approved within your own states jurisdiction.

Pilates3T™ – Teacher Training Pack

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Calling All Studio Owners! Do you wear all the hats in your Pilates business – energetic teacher, meticulous bookkeeper, scheduling guru, Facebook manager, and impromptu toilet fixer? Are you exhausted from doing it all… yourself… everyday? Do you need help? Train your own teachers with the Pilates3T™ Teacher Training Pack.

Pilates3T™ has helped schools setup teaching training programs in numerous states throughout the US.

map of studios that have used the P3T teaching training program